Swim with Orca - Whale Safari

From GBP £3,950.00
  • Duration: 8 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Alta
  • Product code: ORCA01

Swim with Orca & Humpbacks 


This tour is based on 7 passengers sharing 6 rooms. All have private facilities. 

Single passengers will be booked on at the single rate. We can keep a note of willingness to share a room.

We have our own host who cooks all meals for us. 


You need to bring your own snorkeling equipment suitable for the Arctic. Upon booking we have comprehensive information on what's suitable and where you can hire it if required. 

In addition to snorkeling equipment you'll need cold weather clothes for day to day wearing, night aurora excursions etc. 

Tour Cost

Due to currency exchange fluctuations we found the only way to keep the price fair is to base the final payment based on the exchange rate at the time.

This way if the exchange rate varies from our conservative estimate (likely) then the tour will be cheaper, however there is a chance if there is a large market change it may end up being slightly more expensive. Costs have been based on 11.5Kr/£1, the worst it has been is 10.5 and best around 13.7.  As of Mar'23 it's currently 12.5. This is bank rates rather than the actual exchange we will get, so it ill be slightly less than what the market exchange rate is. However you must be aware the the final cost will depend on the exchange at the time of balance payment. 

Nov 2023 November Prices (All tour payments are to our UK account in GBP.)

Target cost - £3950 shared room, £4350 single room

Deposit - £1500 to secure spaces

Interim Payment - 1st Aug 2023 - £1500

Final Payment Due - 1st Nov 2023 (final balance based on exchange rate).

At this time the market GBP/NOK will be calculated and final cost advised.